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Forex Tutorial: Forex Glossary

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The exchange rate between British pound and the US dollar (GBP/USD). (Read more>>)

Candlestick Chart

A charting method first developed by the Japanese that shows price move- (Read more>>)

Carry Trade

In forex trading, carry trade is a strategy based on buying high-interest- (Read more>>)


Commodity Channel Index. This technical analysis oscillator is typically (Read more>>)

Central Bank

An official entity in charge of the monetary policy of a country, a territory (Read more>>)


In forex charting, a channel is normally two parallel trendlines drawn along (Read more>>)

Commitments of Traders Report (COT)

A weekly report published by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (Read more>>)

Commodity Channel Index (CCI)

A technical analysis oscillator typically used to signal over-bought or over- (Read more>>)

Commodity Currencies

Commodity currencies refer to the Australian dollar (AUD, aud), the Cana- (Read more>>)


A term in technical analysis describing the situation that prices move in a (Read more>>)


A term in forex (FX) analysis describing the situation that prices move in a (Read more>>)

Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a key economic indicator for measuring the (Read more>>)


A unit of trading for a currency pair. Unlike futures, forward or option con- (Read more>>)


A temporary price movement that partially reverses the previous trend. (Read more>>)

Corrective Wave

The wave that moves against the main price trend. The term comes from Elliott Wave Theory.


Commitments of Traders Report. COT is a weekly report published by (Read more>>)

Counter Currency

The currency listed after the base currency in a currency pair in forex (Read more>>)


Consumer Price Index.

Cross Rate

The exchange rate between two currencies in the forex market of a third (Read more>>)


Cross currency pair.


Cross Currency Pair

A pair of currencies excluding the US dollar. For example: EUR/GBP or AUD(Read more>>)


Cup and Handle

A chart pattern of price movement in technical analysis, describing the situ-(Read more>>)


A unit of exchange. As one form of money, a currency is issued by the (Read more>>)

Currency Pair
The two currencies of a quotation in forex trading. For Example, GBP/JPY. (Read more>>)


Currency Symbols

AUD, aud - Australian dollar (


Current Account

The component of the balance of payments recording a nation's exports (Read more>>)


Currency Risk

Risk resulting from changes in exchange rate.



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