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An upward price movement.


The difference between the highest and the lowest prices of a currency (Read more>>)

Range Trading

A trading strategy that sells at the upper boundary or buy at the lower (Read more>>)


Exchange rate in forex trading; the price of one currency relative to another currency.


A decline in the price of a currency pair after a rise in forex trading.


Resistance is a term in technical analysis referring to a price level where (Read more>>)

Retail Trader

Retail trader in future trading refers to an individual trader with total as- (Read more>>)


A reversal within a major price trend of a currency pair in forex trading.


An increase in the exchange rate of a currency as a result of central bank (Read more>>)


Reversal refers to a change of direction in the price movement of a (Read more>>)

Reverse Head and Shoulders

The upside-down chart formation of a head and shoulders top. Breaking (Read more>>)

Risk Control

Risk control in forex trading refers to applying trading rules to minimize trading losses.

Risk Management

Risk management in forex trading refers to identifying exposure to various (Read more>>)

Risk/Reward Ratio

Risk/reward Ratio in forex trading refers to the rate between the probabi- (Read more>>)


A forex trading procedure involving the shift of the settlement of a forex (Read more>>)


Relative Strength Index. A technical analysis oscillator that measures the (Read more>>)

Risk Appetite

Acceptable level of financial risk for traders or investors in forex trading. (Read more>>)



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